Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nutritional Approach To Clinical Depression

Many people who are diagnosed with clinical depression have found great value in adding a nutritional approach to their medical treatment.

The idea is to put an emphazis on those food groups that contain as much nutritional value as possible. Authors who have brought a great deal of knowledge to the table are mostly found among those who advocate a vegan or a raw food diet. Their reasoning being that the more food is still alive when you consume it the more minerals and vitamins you actually take in to support your physical well being.

One author and nutritional teacher I respect the most is Victoria Boutenko. She, as well as her entire family, were suffering from all kinds of illnesses for many years before they decided to go raw. Not only did each family member experience instance improvement in their health condition but they also noticed depression lifting more and more rapidly.

Over the years Mrs Boutenko has taken to teach about their journey and has published various book on the subject matter. Today´s tip is a classic:

"Green Smoothies"

Just look it up in your local book store or head over to Amazon.

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