Monday, August 15, 2011

Finding a Treatment for Clinical Depression

If you feel that you have clinical depression or have been officially diagnosed with this very common mental health disorder, then looking for information on how to treat it online is a great idea. There was a time when finding treatment for clinical depression was virtually impossible since people just didn't want to talk about it, but now it is fairly common for people to discuss their mental health issues with friends and family.

Finding treatment for clinical depression can be done in any number of ways, but most people start with their family doctor. You might feel embarrassed to discuss your depression with him or her, but they have either heard it all before or might even have suspected that you were suffering from it already. There is nothing wrong with discussing your feelings about this with your doctor and if you don't get a positive outcome, then find another doctor.

What About Psychiatrists?

Years ago, the psychiatrist's role in the life of a depressed person was very important but now he or she acts more like a case manager would in a hospital setting. They are also usually the only licensed person who is able to or would be willing to prescribe medications. In old movies, you see people lying on a psychiatrist's couch, telling them their problems, but that doesn't really happen anymore.

Prescription Medications

By now, everyone has seen at least one television commercial for one of the dozens of medications that are used for treatment for clinical depression. These medications certainly do work on some people (but not all of them), but they often come with side effects that make them intolerable for some individuals.

Seeing a Therapist

A good place to also start seeking treatment for clinical depression is a therapist. These come in different forms and have a variety of letters after their name. Usually, a family therapist, a councelor, or a licenced social worker will be able to work with you to find answers to your problems. This can be done with talk therapy or any number of behavioral therapies that will help you to overcome your depression.

Alternative Treatments

Because of the inherent dangers of prescription medications, more and more people are turning to alternative treatments. These also come in different forms and can be as easy as taking a yoga class or going to see an acupuncturist. You can also look into a wide variety of herbal and natural remedies that have been used for centuries and have been proven to provide useful results.

Herbal supplements such as Ginseng or St. John's Wort can be used in conjunction with any of the above treatments and will help you feel better within a matter of days. In addition, by opting for a more natural and less processed diet, you will be able to detoxify your body, which will in turn help your mind. Many practitioners recommend the use of all of these methods for treatment for clinical depression rather than taking medication that can harm the body.

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